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Cole Mills, CFP®

Cole is a Portlander through and through--a lifelong Blazers fan and living within five miles of his childhood North Portland neighborhood. In 1999, he started his financial career as an assistant, became a financial planner himself, earned his CFP® mark, and is now co-founder and president of Bridgetown Wealth Management. Cole has a strong financial acumen and many performance awards, but also a grounded, familial approach that we feel makes him such an effective advisor.

"We have the immense responsibility of helping clients get to their financial goals. Ironically, my background in education has helped me enormously in that endeavor. Every day, I take complex topics and distill them into understandable ideas, conveying complex concepts through storytelling. And storytelling is a big part of our very intimate relationship. I've always felt like clients are more at ease discussing personal aspects of their lives with me if I'm more willing to share about myself, so sharing goes both ways. There's a great deal of trust exchanged here, and what makes this career so beautiful is that I have the privilege of knowing the lives, loves, laughs and losses of all the folks I sit down with." 

From public arts to human rights, Cole invests time and personal resources across Portland, but his greatest philanthropic efforts are focused on public education. Cole is a board member and revenue chair for All Hands Raised, a nonprofit organization running Multnomah County Schools' cradle to career initiative. He's sat on two Portland Public Schools advisory committees and regularly volunteers for job shadowing and career day presentations. Through Rotary Club of Portland, Cole's chaired and participated in Enterprise Academy, an annual 3-day camp that exposes 80-plus high school students to ethical entrepreneurship, for the past 10 years.

Cole works hard so he and his family can travel to and experience the food and culture of every corner of the world. He's an active dad, instilling in his daughter Harper, an understanding of compassion and diversity through travel, art, music and family.